Blank Alerts during APK testing - how to suppress them?

Hi coders,

I get these blank alerts all the time while testing my app with an APK - I see them at start up and while using the app.

What are these blank alerts and is there a way to suppress them?

If it is a notification go to notifier setting and set color text to black so we can read the alert

I did that, but no success. The alerts are still blank. I see them especially when the app connects to Airtable or Firebase for downloads and uploads.

Are you using light them ? Try to changes it .
This not happen in companion test ? Probably is a settings of your device or android version. Usually there are blocks error in screen component and also Firebase . Try to use it and a notifier to show the error

Waiting for a power user :sweat_smile:

I did that, but no success

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And the app work fine in companion ? :man_shrugging:t2:

Show some relevant block or an aia test if you can

Sure, kindly wait. I will share some more updates.

Hi, the alerts are seen on two pages where I connect to Airtable (with Kevinkun extension) and Firebase. The alerts appear only in the APK installation, but not in Kodular Companion test.

Here are the extensions on the splash page at the start:


I have also tried to suppress some alerts:


I get 4-5 such alerts on the page where I connect to Airtable and firebase and download videos.

I need to know how to suppress these alerts as they will spoil the user experience.

I will share the AIA file if required.


FirebaseAuth works fine ? The settings are done ? If you doesn’t use it now delete it to see if it’s the problem

Alright, I will do so. Thank you so much for being around and the help.

I tried without the Firebaseauth extension. The alert persists.

Post the aia if you can

Will do so soon.

I have these two permission blocks on startup. The alert appears only after I allow the permissions while using the app.

permssion blocks

After disabling these, the alert doesn’t appear on the splash screen. But they appear - 4-5 in sequence - on the video player page when the video begins to play.

Without reading the notification is very difficult to know which component or settings will be fixed :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi, here is the screen file
Screen1.ais (675.7 KB)

Kindly help. I will share the aia if this doesn’t work.

Aia Is Better thanks


The Playstore review report in Open Testing mode revealed the content of the blank messages.

The flash screen message was to do with Write permission for Android versions below 11.

I solved this with the extension - How to request and grant MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission

Also, used the Utility block to see if version is <11 and presented the Write permission request for these devices.

The second set of blank alerts came on the homepage - these were to do with my using -2 for the Width percentage attribute, instead of the plain Width attribute.

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