[Block Request] Procedures for "Every Component"

What about having a “Every Component” category under blocks which would set the defined properties for every component. (just like “Any Component”)

Like -
set every label color to BLUE
set every label font size to (some inetger)
set every card view elevation to (some integer)

it would be helpful,
is it possible ?

It takes just a few blocks to do what you want


In most cases there will be always exceptions in the every rule. So the every block will not be very useful in most cases because of the exceptions.

What would be the benefit in comparison of the few blocks you need to do the same? And in what cases do you think to make things apply to all labels, buttons, etc.


this looks satisfactory !

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@Peter I beg to differ.
Once our dynamic components palette becomes considerably large, I think it’ll be easier to have a “for_every” block that handles all the instances of the dynamic component.

We’ll see how things pan out in the future and if such a block becomes a real necessity. Right now, it’s just syntactic sugar.


I can imagine you are right when looking at the dynamic components. But looking at the standard components spread around the screen in different arrangements etc. i think the method i offered is still the most effective one.

Dynamic components can be effective for instance when loading 123 images inside a horizontal scrolling arrangement.


I think it all boils down to learning vs working.
If you’re learning to make an app, then it’s better to explicitly maintain a list of your components and then loop them over. It gives you a better idea of what’s going on.

But if you’re making an app for professional use, then having that list implicitly maintained by Kodular code will help reduce bugs, I think.


Amazing ! I hadn’t thought of that, I’m going to save so many blocks!



were is it

There are some dynamic components inside Kodular

The extension i used can be found here. You have more options like images and checkboxes.


this do not work

Oops, didn’t test it when i imported it from an aia i had.

Well another thing to be added to the dynamics components. :sunglasses:

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Just tested it and it seems to work. I get my images displayed on screen. So maybe test it yourself if it works for you.

Maybe kodular can add dynamic images as well would be pretty nice so we don’t need to use and extra extension

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