NOT-Working extensions in Kodular


Here we’ll add all extensions which do NOT work with Kodular.

Developer Extension Reason Future support Notes
Andres_Cotes ActionBar We use the new Toolbar instead of the old ActionBar. NO
Taifun Account Manager/Pick Google Account Kodular uses already the Google Play Services library - We have the component for that

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Kodular Not Working?
(Luca) #3

Due to Toolbar used instead of the old ActionBar it seems that Sidebar V2 from @Andres_Cotes is also not working properly…
In order to create the Sidebar I add an arrangement in which I place every other component of the app and this arrangement is used as an input for the Sidebar, take a look at the relevant blocks to better understand

The Sidebar is created but it shows like this… (items in the VSA that is nested in the VA which hosts the Sidebar scroll above the Titlebar!)

I have already sent an email to the developer to point the issue…

Here is also a screenshot of the components that I have used to make a simple aia that I have sent to Andres

I hope that there is a solution for this from Andres or Makeroid team since I have ordered a custom version of this extension that allows to swipe from the left or from the right so as you can understand I want to use it in my projects…

If this post is only an index of the problems with expensions please feel free to split the post to a new topic…

Thanks in advance!


There will be no Support for this extension for the future.
Use our component or else you cant use a side menu.

(Luca) #5

ok thanks I will then either use the native component or I will wait for Andres to make any adjustment to his extension (if possible)…
you should probably add the extension to the list above.

could you consider adding a property to enable left or right swiping option to the native component in the future?

(KC) #6

and also these↓:{

Developer Extension Not working because… Future support Extension Download link
Colintree PasswordBoxSwitch No Password Textbox on Kodular Unknown
Colintree AutoCompleteBox Kodular's Text box is not original text box Unknown


The Flashlight extension was updated yesterday to support the new App Inventor permissions system. It won’t work if you haven’t updated to the latest version…

(tomer) #9

I would be really happy if this extension was active in kodular (can you add its options in the next update?) :This extensiohttps: //