Block that detects list errors

Hi guys, greetings. I have a question, I was investigating the screen.error block and it only shows me some errors, according to it says in the help page that kodular offers us. My question is if there is not a block that is activated when a list problem occurs. For example, let’s say that there is an element that is called but the list has a length of 0, then it shows an error with a text that I do not want the user to see and having a block that detects this error, I could tell it in one more way shorten the user and more professional. Pos data I do not want the user to see that message but for the app to receive it and then change it for some text using a component as a notifier or something like that. Is there such a block or how can I achieve what I am looking for?

I can use the block and the if / else condition, but it is not the idea, because there may be some errors such as, item 4 of the list with length 5 was not found.

There is no substitute to hide select list item list error (0). Mostly this will occur if the block or your logic doesn’t get required value. To overcome this , need to cross check.

I hope this common error will occur while you use airtable with more Colum. If the user suffering with less speed surely it will occur. So you can use clock component to avoid it.

No block to hide as you said the error, as for I know… suppose if anyone comment let me update it. Well that was nice query.

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Most likely this is an OS generated error, so you are correct, it cannot be hidden. Only if I’m correct though.


Correct, but only with blocks.
You can use try{}catch(){} in Java to supress this.

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