Bottom navigation image is not showing

I tried every thing but still can’t see image in the bottom navigation component
This my blocks and screen after install

It shows only colored boxes. The image is in the assets with same name.
What to do? Is it a problem with kodular because it is a new component?

There is no problem with it.
Could you post a screenshot about your assets and these images?

This is the asset screen shot

How large is this image? You shouldn’t use that I think. Try to resize this to 96*96.


im also getting the same error . my image size is 96*96 but still not working. how to fix ?

I’m also have the same problem with the image not showing in bottom navigation. I have tried every size from 18x18 to 100x100 and it still doesn’t show an image, just a colored box. I have also tried creating a path to the image and that doesn’t work either.
Can anyone please help me?

try to icons from the here: Icons - Material Design

i think you cannot use colored images in bottom navigation and sidemenu bar
the images must be used with black and white colors or a bit of grey

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change the file format to .png and it will be shown. don’t forget to use transparent pngs.

It is not possible to show coloured images.

-> Screenshot_2019-08-14-08-55-19

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