Bottom navigation image not appearing

Hi everyone!!
I’ve uploaded 2 images to show them in bottom navigation.
But the images appear like this:


I’ve uploaded both the images and the names are also correct…
Please help

Maybe this applies with the bottom navigation,too :thinking:

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You can’t use custom images in bottom navigation bar.

You have to use material icons as png images then only it will show.

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Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer and @The_K_Studio
It worked!


However, it works with me :thinking: Although they aren’t material icon( they are normal black PNG images )?

Probably, it’s a problem with having images with multiple colours ( in my case an image with black and white colours doesn’t work ), as mentioned in the topic in post 2. Images that have transparent background, and doesn’t have white or any other colours works with me :slightly_smiling_face:
As material icons only uses one color in its icons it works .
P.S: however, using material icons with the navigation bar, is better of course!


@Mohamed_Tamer I also tested a black and white image and it’s working (while the one which I posted in 1st post is coloured)

Yes of course that won’t work with kodular navigation bar:


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