Sidemenu image black does not work

PT-BR Alguém sabe por que quando coloco uma imagem no sidemenu ela fica preta? Me ajudem por favor… Tem ligação com o tipo de imagem?

EN-US Does anyone know why when I put an image on the sidemenu it goes black? Help me please … Is it linked to the type of image?

I think official language of kodular is English write it in English


Also remove the another language compeletely.
Any way, please elaborate more,Like posting your image you are trying to add.and your blocks.

I’m doing a sidemenu and when I put the image gets a black block instead of the image Follow the photos below

You forgot set image into add item

I put it, I just took it to show I put all kinds of images and it doesn’t work

Can you post this image.May be it’s too large or too small.May be you can tell us what’s the difference between this image and other images?

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And the size are the same? Have you tried other icons, created more options in the menu to see what happens?

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Check the icon name if it is correct

Don’t use colored images

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