Side menu does not respond

Hi everyone! Since yesterday, many times the companion closes by errors.
Also the side menu does not respond.

In main screen the Vertical arranjemrnents are turned off except the first.
I expect that calling the procedures, turn off or on the Vertical arranjements…

Nothing happens… also put some clues on the side menu layout to try see if something happens…

any ideia?

How to put here the blocks?

The names in side menu, are not recorded in the side menu layout, maybe a bug or lag by internet failures…

May be due to this :point_down:

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So… where to insert the call_side_menu_layout?
(and if you can say, which servece to upload images, to share heres?)


Did you tried to build the apk with same blocks. The problem is with companion only. The same should work perfectly with compiled apk I think.

I didn’t get this :point_up:

I know there is a net service where you can upload images, and copy/paste the link to put here in these text boxes. Can you tell me wich service?

It was some kind of temporary bug.
I also tried with Firefox…same problem.

But now it is working fine with same blocks…

If you are asking how to upload images then just click the Upload button

For links, just copy-paste the link in the editor

With companion or build apk?


That is it :slight_smile:!

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