Bottom sheets not working properly

bottom sheets component not working properly with list view (image and text)

im using list view in bottom sheets, list loading from airtable. when user clicked button bottom sheet show.

it works 1-2 time then its not working when i click on button it just show black screen.

Your question is not clear.

Please read this topic and then give more information.

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updated! now okay?

Did you read the topic i gave you. Why not provide screenshots, images of blocks etc etc. With the info you give it is not possible to help you.

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thank you for your help, i searched in commuity and i got solution. can you please detele this thread

Can you tell what the solution was that helped you. Others can also learn from this. Like you discovered it is always good to search before asking.

with my app problem is when i click button it shows bottom sheet but list not loaded so it shows only black screen. maybe it becuase of bottom sheet without bottom sheet list loaded in just one sec but with bottom sheet it takes 10-20 sec some time more…

so i added process between this time.

I still don’t understand what you did. I used the bottombar myself and it works instantly. Can you show your blocks like i asked earlier.

oh i forgot, here is a screen shot

Oh, i was thinking you were talking about the bottomnavigation. But you were talking about a spreadsheet.

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sorry my internet is slow that why first image not updloaded now check i uploaded all requierd blocks