Clicking on side menu options didn't initialize other screen

Hello All,

I have created one app having “Home” screen and “Txn” screen.

I have added side menu layout on home screen…Inside this I have added 2 menu…home and Txn…

My home screen is taking data from airtable…but when I clicked home from side menu, I am getting blank data(data didn’t come from airtable)

Note: Airtable data will be called on Home screen initialize…but when I came to home screen via side menu then home screen didn’t initialize so i got blank dataCapture

Have you enabled all options? If not then enable both the options Please show the blocks where you are creating the sidemenu

you are not switching screens properly do it like this

blocks (8)
make sure that you have typed correct name of the screen

can you show me the screenshot of your airtable database


Note: Transaction is my title name and Txn is the screen name.

After login when homepage open…at that time data get loaded from airtable,…I have added pull down to refresh also…this is also working…but whenever i am navigating homepage from side menu option, then homepage open but without data, and at this when i try to refresh that result is also blank.

Can you post a video what happens when any side menu option is clicked

This is also not working

Below is the screenshot of airtable

screenshot of home screen after login

screenshot of home screen after navigating from side menu

And please also help me out, why menu icon is black. How can i change it to white. In Companion it looks white, but after downloading .apk it becomes black

Try to set API key and base Id in blocks

If there are any empty rows then delete them

And i think to change the color you need to change drawer arrow icon color of screen block

  1. At the very first time it is getting data from airtable, it means there is no empty rows.
  2. I had changed the drawer icon, but didn’t helpful.

In Screen1 which theme have you selected, you have to select default theme


Default theme works for me to make menu icon white…Now, the problem is, default theme is dark and all the popup is dark now…

Due to this dark mode, I had change it to light theme.

Now I think I had only one choice either light theme or white menu icon :frowning_face:

If theme is a problem, then you need to create your own titlebar

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Creating a custom one is always a better option, it give you the freedom to your creativity :wink:


At some point Kodular made a mistake, son now

  • Default theme is actually Dark theme
  • Light theme is Light
  • Dark theme is Light with dark action bar (and should be Default theme)

or even mixed with each other

Keep in mind that some theme stuff only works as apk

Yeah if you do everything the right way…

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But the main problem still exist…navigate from one screen to another on clicking side menu

Are you closing and opening the screens properly?