Broken Link TinyDB

In creator Tiny DB and Tiny Web DB Components, the links to docs.kodular are broken.

TinyDB link opens and correctly is

And TinyWebDb opens when the correct is

NOTE: hifen between final “d-b” is the problem in both link.

Hope this helps.

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Works for me as it should. There is no problem in opening the respective component’s description when clicking on it.

It is not the description, but the link to documentation.

@Vaibhav They mean this…

Both of them use the incorrect link for going to the Tiny DB and Tiny Web DB component documentation.

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@hammerhai That’s right.

Oh I misread it :sweat_smile:

Hello again @Ricardo_Lucena,

You are likely waiting for a response and I want to assure you that @Kodular has likely seen this topic and will add it to their list, however they are most definitely working to resolve more important issues at the moment. While you’re waiting, why not contribute to Kodular Docs or read…

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