Measures to Prevent Creation of Duplicate Topics

Hi Koders!
Kodular Eagle has just been released, and we’re still trying to fix all the bugs that have inadvertently crept in. We know you’re all very excited to contribute, and we gladly welcome your contributions.

However, it has been noticed that users open multiple topics about the same issues than continuing the discussion in the first thread. Duplicate topics make it very hard for us @admins and @moderators to keep the Community a safe and productive place for discussion.

It is to prevent such activity that we will now be penalising members who aren’t new to the Community, yet create multiple topics than use already open threads. Members found opening duplicated topics will be silenced for two days the first time, and subsequently for a week per duplicated topic.

We encourage all of you to use the search function in the top-right of the page, and to read other topics and contribute to them.

Happy Koding!