🔥 Firestore: scalable database

please help

Excellent extension. Users have the chance to use another new database. Options are increased. Good.

The extension is excellent. Very good! I am looking for alternatives to work with Firebase Authentication. Congratulations on the work. The guide is also great.

You must set your Firebase details using the InitializeFirebase block.


Line #88 of jarlisson2/FirestoreAIX.

Solution to cause

Line #98 of jarlisson2/FirestoreAIX.


my problem is the same. I already have set my Firebase details in InitializeFirebase block. but still error as below.

“FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist. Available app names: [DEFAULT]”

the error occur when call Firebase1 InitializeFirebase. help me please.

Hi @111192,

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Welcome to the community and we’re happy to have you here! Can you tell me whether you have other Firebase components in your app? Like Firebase DB, Storage, Config, and so on? From there, I can likely help @jarlissonlira2 in fixing the issue.


I have read it. But, if I miss something, I’m so sorry. My english is very pool.

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I have already set my Firestore initializeFirebase block but still error

FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist. Available app names: [DEFAULT]


please help me.

You’re answering a question that you’ve already answered.

so sorry I’ve confused about this board usage.

yes, my project there is a firebase authentication and after this I will take firebase storage also.
what should I do? friend.

Do not refer to me as friend. I will submit a PR to fix the issue tomorrow.

thank you for you help

How to input data type geopoint Jarlison, seems like array have lattitude and longitude… Thankyou

I still wait for you help.


Hello @111192,

My schedule has been busy over the past few days as with many others. I have contributed to another Github project at a staggered rate because of it and there is still things I need to finish so others can complete their checklist. So please, be patient.

Thank you.


Hello, the same thing happens to me and I have discovered that it does not work with the Companion emulator, but if you create the apk and run it if it works correctly, try it and see how it works ok.

what types of language we are using to a send query request. it’s web or java

Please help !
FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist. Available app names:

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when u install apk in your real device then u can’t see this error

I did test this and it works for me, but for everyone who wants to see if the issues are fixed for them, here you go!

  • Fixed package name collision
    • Package name is com.jdl.firestore instead of com.jdl.Firestore… This shouldn’t cause issues for you.
  • Added com.android.support:support-annotations library
    • Kodular should have this library, but since I’m working on App Inventors source where they’ve switched over to AndroidX I had to include it… Otherwise the build would fail. Although this hasn’t really increased the size if it has at all!

com.jdl.firestore.aix (2.3 MB)

@jarlissonlira2 I have submitted a PR on GitHub… Fix "FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist" by StormiFire · Pull Request #1 · jarlisson2/FirestoreAIX · GitHub