Browser LITE, a @Phase based Browser

Hi everyone! This is the last version of the browser i’m working on.
This is an OPEN project, you can copy the aia and make your own browser with my base. The only thing i ask is to mention me when publish the app :relaxed:

Play store old version :

I Will share also blocks and aia… And i would like to know which features to add First. Any kind of help would be really appreciated

Extension i used
-Custom Webview
-Custom search

Last aia : send me a dm

Last apk. Blite2_9_5.apk (7.9 MB)


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You can see all the blocks i used above

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Don’t shout!

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User suspended because he keeps on using allcaps.


Nice app.
Actually, the blocks which you’ve posted are not really visible even after maximum zooming. It’ll be great if you post the blocks separately.

I can zoom in and see all of the blocks clearly?

Open the image in a new tab (right click; if you’re on PC, hold; if you’re on a hand-held device), then zoom-in.

Oh sorry, I tried it before but it didn’t work. I think I did something wrong.
But I just tried it again now and it worked! :sweat_smile:

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If you want i can provide you with a free aia.
Just dm me :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, could you send me the aia? I can’t send you a dm. Send to email: [REDACTED]

Man your email is hidden… Just send me a dm like everyone else

Ok guys i noticed that a lot of people likes my App and wants the AIA.
It was a project of last year, and i have no time to update it anymore. The app reached 4500 downloads on PlayStore in less than 8 months without advertising, also it is on others platform like ApkPure and i calculated approximately 10.000+ downloads in total.
I think is great, considerating the stage of the app (very early)

SO, AS PROMISED, this is the free AIA!! Please just make a small credit section where you mention me, TheCheip. I will be glad to see different versions of this browser made with kodular.

ITLITE.aia (2.3 MB)


please provide me AIA file

Have you seen above post ?