Bubble Browser [Free] AIA File - Fast as Light

Hi Friends,
I have developed a New cool Browser called Bubble Browser. I have taken 7-9 days for making Professional UI.
This is a Paid App, but if you want to get it for free then you should like and subscribe the video down below:
Bubble Browser Kodular AIA File - Cute Professional UI - YouTube

Main Screen ScreenShots

For AIA:-

Developed by “Xoma Devs” (ME)
Paid - ₹25{PM Me}
For FREE:- The Above Video should get 15 Likes :+1: and target 15 SUBS, when we reach the target, I will provide the direct link in the video’s link in the description.

*Lite App
*Has User-agent set
*Cute professional UI
*Smooth Browsing

FeedBack Needed
Hi Friends, here is an APK in which you can try and give me the feedback.

Test APP Bubble-Bubble.apk (5.4 MB)


Hope you like it. :+1: :+1: :grinning: :grinning:

Instead of back to exit, do when back pressed go back in the web viewer. Also, why can’t I enter a url? I can only search something on google.

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You can’t enter a url in our browser, i will fix back press issue.

Good… But need to do some more work…

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Ok. So I wouldn’t call this a " browser"


lol man…

thanks you very much

Ok… I will improve it in future,:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Good app but… let me say some things:

  1. First… what is the point of putting the status bar to this color??? But it to white or add a title bar, it will be way mooore beautiful than this.

  2. CHANGE THE LABELS COLOR, It’s unreadable…

  3. Change the icons. Use this : Detailed Flat Circular Icon Style / Flat - 19,464 vector icons available in SVG, EPS, PNG, PSD files and Icon Font. and search whatever you want. (some google icons are paid, so if you don’t wanna pay, then go to Free icons designed by Freepik | Flaticon and search a cool style but not an “colorful thing” like this or this:

  4. A) How is the loading screen useful ?? Please tell me because it takes the same amount of time everytime in launch it.
    B) The lottie animation is… um… not good. Use a circular loading thing to make it more “professional”

  5. Why linking YouTube, Google Play, Gmail, Facebook and Maps as they have their respective apps ?

7-9 days isn’t too much. For exemple I’ve took 9 month to make an app and even if I took that long, I will not giveaway my AIA since this is not finished.
Don’t call it a “professional UI” when it’s not. Personaly, I will not buy an AIA like this. But this my own opinion.

This is true: The app is very fast and lite. You can navigate smoother than with others Kodular koded browsers.

I wish you a good continuation by hoping that you will not take this badly. I tried to make the most constructive criticism possible.

Happy :kodular:oding !


You can use this:
Color Tool


Or this:
Material design palette

To create a more pleasant and mostly professional interface.

Edit: The icons I guess it gives your app personalized. But the lyrics, the status bar, among other elements that have nothing to do with the app are distorted and affect the user experience. Use a suitable color set.


ok… i will use this website. thanks for suggestion. :+1: :grinning:

but, some icons are paid in flaticon

Bubble Update 1.0.1

What's New

*Improved UI
*Minor Changes
*Lotti Animation Changed
*Now you can enter URL in 2nd textbox


Price- 25₹ AIA
Contact- PM ME

You didn’t upload the updated APK.

I will upload it tomorrow for some reason

I said it in the message.

I have not tested your app. But i would like to tell you that, you should make another type of app not a browser, cuz there are already tons of browser app. And as you have put your app as paid, nobody is going to buy it.
People can easily search the stuff they want on a regular browser rather than on your app. All the features you are giving in your app can be easily done in a normal browser.

Anyways best of luck!

Happy Koding,

Unusual Coder


Question for Every One:-

Should I change my app’s name, if yes what should i keep??

Honestly, i like the name bubble. I think you should keep it.