Bubble Slider | A slider widget with a popup bubble displaying the precise value selected


Image from Ramotion Team

Bubble Slider

Bubble Slider is a simple slider widget that shows position in a popup bubble with smooth animation. It uses Fluid Slider library by Ramotion. So a big thanks to Ramotion for this library.



Create slider in a layout

on change

Event raised when position changes

height blocks

Set height for slider. You need to assign this value before using the create block. Else it will not work.

bar color

Set background color of bar

bubble color

Color of circle “bubble” inside bar.

bar text color

Color of start and end texts of slider.

bubble text color

Color of text inside “bubble”.

start text

Start (left) text of slider.

end text

End (right) text of slider.

font size

Font size


Positon of “bubble” in range form 0 to 100.

rise duration

Duration of “bubble” rise in milliseconds.


Aix File : com.dreamers.bubbleslider.aix (41.8 KB)
Aia File : BubbleSlider.aia (43.5 KB)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Ramotion Team for this library.
@Shreyash for his awesome and super cool Rush
And Kodular to provide Androidx support


Just to inform you this extension is already built by @Sumit1334


I didn’t know that. But it doesn’t matter.

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It actually seems like you knew that it was already built… The topic looks almost like theirs.

Can you emphasize the difference between the two extensions?

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How can you say that I already knew it. Do you read minds ?? There is no difference as both extension do the same thing


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