Bug in Backpack Unable to see or use most of the Blocks

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Hello Here is a video to best show what is going on with the Backpack

I hope this video helps

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add a long right blocks section into the Backpack

Expected Behaviour

Unable to Scroll left or right, Other blocks saved in the Backpack are locked out of view on the left.

Actual Behaviour

Be able to see and use All the blocks in the Backpack

Show your Blocks

Please see the Video

Android version


Yeah i also face this bug

Before opening the backpack, zoom out the whole browser window, not just the blocks area.
Then open the backpack. Remove that wide block from it, and replace it for its shorter version.

Ok If I zoom out on the Blocks Editor It shows the whole Backpack but I cant read what is there, Pity I can’t sort into Folders or something.
As for a shorter version I don’t want to use a shorter version I want to be able to easily take a whole section of blocks from the backpack and add it to my project, that way I am sure that I am not missing something.
I am dyslexic and my brain mixes things up very easily so it is easier for me to save a section of Blocks and then bring it into my project and edit it for that project.
The BackPack is essential for me as it help me to Block and remember Blocks.
It would be amazing if there was a left-right scroll action added to the Backpack that way we could see and use the blocks at a level where we could read what is written on the blocks.

Thank you

I’m not saying you have to work that way. I’m simply giving you a workaround to be able to see what you have in the backpack until it is fixed someday. Store the blocks in the backpack with the blocks extended vertically, and when you place them in the editor, extend them horizontally.

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Thank you very much for your advice, I do appreciate it
I will try that.

Hello and Thank you

Ok I have no idea how you are able to change the blocks from Horizontal to Vertical as I have not found a way to do this without breaking up the blocks and defeating the point.
I have tried to Collapse a set of blocks and add them to the Backpack but they are just expanded as soon as they hit the Backpack.

How do I set the blocks vertical to be able to save them in the backpack as you suggest please.

Thank you

Right click on the block and you will find it.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 17.01.38

There is nothing in that menu to set the blocks Vertical or Horizontal.

Do you use a different Version?

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Don’t right click the EVENT blocks. Right click on the blocks that allow for inputs instead.
Then you will see the option INLINE INPUTS or EXTERNAL INPUTS if they are already in “inline” format.


Thank you VERY much that is a good workaround and very useful

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