Bug in DeviceUtilities.GetIMEI

I checked out [Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker] The program breaks when DeviceUtilities.GetIMEI is called(Kodular Fenix Bug Tracker) before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

with change from V1.4 to V1.5 The program breaks when DeviceUtilities.GetIMEI is called

Steps to reproduce the issue

Expected Behaviour

Return IMEI

Actual Behaviour

Programm stop

Show your Blocks


Android version

Can you show where you initialised the Global variable?

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Not possible for android 10 and higher


Hi same problem in Tinydb.getValue


in the same screen screen1

on Friday this function ran under 1.4 and today (1.5) does it produce an error?

Yes. But It don’t throw errors​:sweat_smile:.
This error is from component. It seems that there is an extension that’s not migrated causing the error. Are you using any extension? If yes then post here.
And create a new screen then try this.

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This are the used components

But the problem seems to be in TinyDB and DeviceUtilities


HI ist there any possibility to go back to 1.4 for the moment ?
I havn’t actual the time for Try and Error to find this problem.

Maybe this error can help

Which extensions you are using ?

It looks like one of the extension is not compatible with Android X.

It seems I’ve found the problem !
it’s not an extention. I used State_Progress_Bar

When I delete this component from my sreen the App is running !

Can you check this :point_down:

The issue is already known & it will be fixed in next update.