Bug in in side menu view

:point_up_2:side menu on home screen :point_up_2:

And when i click on support us and check its side menu bar

What I want is when i click on Support Us in my home screen and after I check support us’s screen side menu ,It should selected support us.

Can you show your blocks for the side menu in both screens?

Home screen blocks :—


Other screen’s Blocks:----
blocks (2)

Very simple man, in all the screen you will be add al the layouts… so in all the layout just enable concern field checked to true…

See you have set home field checked true in home screen and others you set false likewise try it

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ok,thanks, woh dekha nahi

May I know the meaning…
I meant for screen 1 you set true in checked item for Home side menu layout.

Like wise in contact us screen set false in checked item for Home and set true in checked item for contact us side menu layout

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