Bug in uploading images

I have uploaded images in assets but when i am trying to select that image then i am having a problem to scroll down.
I have 7 images in assets & i want to choose the 7th image for my image but i am unable to scroll down to the 7th image only 4 images with “None” option is showing and when i am scrolling down then it is not going down.You can see in the screenshot that the scrollbar is on its maximum position. So please help me regarding this.

Choose image has its own scroll and it is working properly

Which browser do you use?


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I am using google chrome.

Designing app using mobile?

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No, I am using my laptop.

If you’re using laptop or desktop then you would not fetch this type of problem. As @Boban said, images has its own scroll.


I think my images name is very long thats why i am not seeing it.Ok thanks for giving me your precious time and sorry for disturbing you.

Dear Boban, I need your help in another topic

Please help me in this topic.
Actually i have used airtable to show images in my app and when image is selected then it should appear on next screen.I have done this thing but i am now having issue in writing the blocks for next and previous button to see all the images.So please help me.

Please help me boban why are you not listening my issue.:pensive:

@asimjib93 did you set your answer as a solution? If not, can someone uncheck it, this doesn’t help with the “bug”

BTW @kkakash1522, you only have 4 images, which means it doesn’t have to go farther down your screen. You can just choose your image perfectly fine, this isn’t a bug. There are some design flaws in Kodular right now, however I’m sure and hoping that the devs have caught them for 1.4.3 :slightly_smiling_face:

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My this issue is solved but i need your help in another topic.

My this issue is solved but i need your help in another topic.Please help me.:pensive:

How could I do that? I’m not the owner of this topic.

May be @kkakash1522 changed the solution.

Ya,I have done that.

I need your help.