Bug in uploading mp3


(Kailash Mahto) #1

I uploaded mp3 to creator.kodular.io but I was able to upload only 3 mp3 in assert

I was able to upload only 3 mp3 in assert

Just giving a message as
Queued for upload: xyz.mp3
for half an hours but not uploaded yet

I request you to solve the problem and also display upload status with percent

(Shreyash Saitwal) #2

Try refreshing the creator.

(Kailash Mahto) #3

tried many times not working

(Deepanshu Arya) #4

go to history of browser and delete cache files and cookies and then again load creator

(Deepanshu Arya) #5

For getting fast and accurate answers choose right category, you must post it in Discuss category with tag question and how to

(Pablo Almeida) #6

may be it is a problem of the file name, no?

(Boban Stojmenovic) #7

How big is your mp3 file that you are trying to upload.


(David Ningthoujam) #8

I moved it to discuss. As it is not confirmed as bug?