Bug in Video Player component using m3u8

Hi, i’m using the video player component to play a m3u8 video, but after 10 seconds the player stop for a moment but after 3 seconds the audio returns but the video still paused. how i can reproduce a m3u8 with this component whitout bugs?

i tried to use a timer to autoplay the video every 7 seconds but it still bugging. i tried to use the webview component to play too, but its dont play the video, he tried to download the archive, so i tried to use de “CustomWebView” extension, but the problem persists thanks for atention

Are you using any clock component?

I tried to use to play automatically and the video does not pause, but a bug happens and the screen is paused and dont work

If not mistaken in order to play m3u8 videos you need an extension

I just found it strange because the kodular player has support for the m3u8, since it plays correctly for a few seconds and only after this bug happens

I believe also this extension supports m3u8

for me this extension only worked with mp4, I changed the mediatype to hls but it didn’t reproduce