Bugs in kodular Fenix 1.5.2: Unity Ads not served and onesignal notification issue

Hello kodular i find some bugs in in your new update 1.5.2

  1. Unity ads not served : Last update in 1.5.1 Unity ads are served but when i updat my app in playstore 1.5.2 kodular ads are not served please fix it fast .

  2. Onesignal : In new in update onesignal notification is not go to users please fixed fast .

Please fixed all these bugs fast…


that’s true

Didn’t Know about unity ads because i never used it but this is true that onesignal is not working

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I have also faced this problem

When will be fixing the unity ad crash problem in API 30?
I tested the last update 1.5.3, but the issue is not fixed yet.
I am only using unity in my app. My app is growing, but I lose users.

I also have this problem

They still did not tell anything about it.

for those who want to continue using Unity Ads, just put the request for authorization feature like this text: android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

If put, unity ads behave as like normal in android 11?

Your problem solved or not?, Is your app crashing on android 11?

currently, I used to enhance and fix the crashing problems.

Does this apply to kodular’s unity ads (commission) too?. I mean I am not using unity ads but my app is crashing on android 11 after new sdk update.

Sorry I didn’t get that. Are you talking about enhance sdk? or somehing else

Talking about enhance sdk

If setup like this then will show ads.?
Are you sure?

Seems like this issue is still not resolved even in fenix 1.5.6
It was fixed in 1.5.5