Unity Ads app crashes if connected via WI-FI

I have a similar problem when using the Unity Interstitial component on android 11 as mohned_almagrahi pointed out:

Butt Developers advised “request for load unity ad only if internet is connected” What is the reason for this crash? - #9 by Saezy
But the functionality of the Unity Interstitial component does not allow you to enable / disable load unity ad, since the advertising message is loaded automatically. There is only functionality to show load unity ad.

Star_On Enkel BR indicated this way of solving the problem “for those who want to continue using Unity Ads, just put the request for authorization feature like this text: android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE” Bugs in kodular Fenix 1.5.2: Unity Ads not served and onesignal notification issue - #12 by maddevs
This method works, but its real use is unlikely because:

  • it will be very suspicious for the user to agree to grant such permission, which most likely will not be related to the functionality of the application and for the same reason, with a high degree of probability, such an application will not be allowed to be published in Google Play
  • the application at the first launch still quickly closes before the user has time to provide his consent and can only work after it is reopened.

maddevs MaD wrote that it fixed this bug by “enhance sdk” Bugs in kodular Fenix 1.5.2: Unity Ads not served and onesignal notification issue - #17 by Tejas_K

On the Unity forum they write … i have solved my issue by using the latest unity SDK from asset store "

Please help to configure the current Kodular component for Unity Interstitial correctly or where can I get an extension for Unity Interstitial that works correctly on android 11?


Thanks for providing a detailed post about the issue and why the current solutions are not beneficial. Hopefully Unity ads can be updated and used again as soon as possible.

Is there any way to disable Unity ad loading?
Maybe through the SDK? (so far I have not been able to do that)

I only use Unity ads in case Facebook ads do not work or if the app is not installed from Google Play so it just causes my update to be delayed for several months.

I’m very disappointed with the Kodular team’s lack of interest in this issue (and many other issues) :pensive: