Bugs in Rotation Angle of Label/Button

I think there is some problem with rotation angle of components like Label, Button etc.

I was trying to manipulate Rotation Angle of a label (in a container set height and width to Automatic) and set it to 2700 from 0.0. It rotated well but the container did not shrink according to the rotation.


Expected Behaviour

Should have shrinked automatically fit to content.

Actual Behaviour

The container is taking the extra width spaces, as if the label was never rotated. Moreover the container is not stretching according to the content.

Show your Blocks

Normal (Without Rotation)

Abnormal (With Rotation)

Android version

Android 9.0

How does it look in a compiled APK?

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Same result

Take a look at this compiled apk
rotation.apk (4.8 MB)

Then it’s no bug
It’s just how the property works.
Rotation is independent of the parent container.

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Ok…I need to be more clear.

Say I have a VerticalArrangement(VA) with hight and width set to automatic. Now if we put a label inside it how the VA shrink-fits with the content?

Now if rotation occurs same property should be there. Else what’s the point in rotating a component if it consumes unnecessary spaces?

Perhaps @Mika knows more about this

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