Button - None color

Hi. When I change the color of a button to NONE it becomes WHITE. Could you fix that, please?

how do you change it to NONE, any screenshot?

Thank you for answering. I changed it to NONE by selecting the Background Color to NONE.


what happens, if you do this in the blocks editor and set the button.backgroundcolor to 16777215?

similar example:


Since I have fixed the button bug(when we change the size we lost the material effect) some month ago,
the button NONE color works current only for buttons with following shape option:

  • Rounded
  • Rectangular
  • Oval

Works not for:

  • Default

I will look today if I get “None” color option to work for buttons with default shape too.

it change to transparent ! not only on button , it also works on canvas , label , … !

This was fixed in the last update and should now work for buttons with default shape too.