Calculating Seconds Elapsed on ExoPlayer

I want to set the count in my music app,
like that:

I tried this method, but it didn’t work well, because the count stops not at 60, but continues to count up to 100
like that:
01:99 02:00 02:01 etc …

my blocks:

So why not make simple if-then-else’s for incrementing a higher unit of time once you hit 60?

Because 100 = 1 minutes and 50 = 30 second, if I set it with this method it will be 30 seconds not 1 minute.

You know my example app for playing next song automatically (exoplayerNextSong.aia). I have made some adjustments to it for you, so try this:

It’s not a professional solution, rather a hand-knitted one.

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