How to get the currect duration of online music?

how to get the currect duration of online music?

Play it using exo player.

Exo player has get current duration block.

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but how i convart duration to minute

Divide duration by 60. Or you can use clock.

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Use this: RizuPlayer.aia (86.8 KB)
Edit as per your need

(NOTE: the work is only duration and some other features, you cannot run the apk of the current aia)


can you help me about. please give me some images or aia files


There is no reason to make such a simple app so complicated and to use 3 extensions for it.


Actually, no extension is required at all. I use one in my example just to show the time in the correct format.

See here:

Try this: PlayerDuration_BodyMindPower.aia (450.0 KB)


A small improvement so that the slider is in the right position and the duration is displayed at the beginning.


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