Calling TinyDb very slow

Hi all!
I’m at my first try with developing an app.
I started about a month ago and I’m having fun :smiley:

But I have a problem with tiny db.
I have about 30 table grid, every one with a checkbox (and 2 textboxes and a date picker).
Everything is in a list.

When I try my app, after I activate about 10 check, the first action at app starting became very slow. More checks I activate, more slow is the app.

Can someine helps me?
Thank you!

You can use a progress dialog notification when delayed in getting data and dismiss it when got value.

Probably your solution is ok, but I’m not yet able to apply it :confounded:

Instead of check db for each item why not ask only once

something like this

CheckTest.aia (3.0 KB)


Now it’s much better!!!

Thank you very much!

Hi Boban,
I’m trying to apply the same concept to a text box and a date picker but somenthing is going bad.
I made a list of all my text box and then I create something similar used for checkbox but is not working.
Is an error in the replacement?


I don’t use for each block in mine example and thereby no idea which effect it would have


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