Multiple Checkboxes with same value in TinyDB

I have an app using only the dynamic component extension (@yusufcihan), where I have the main list and the sublist and each sublist has a checkbox all with the same value.

I can’t get these checkboxes to be stored (clicked) on TinyDB? When I re-enter the app, the checkboxes checked, is cleared again.

How can I please resolve this in the blocks? :sob: :sob:

Try to use do-it on tinyDb getValue block, i’ve the same blocks as you, but it’s working :thinking:

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Mr. @Mohamed_Tamer has my EIA. . Could you please help me build this logic on the block?
Because that’s all I need to complete my app.

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Actually, your aia is working for me, i doesn’t know why it isn’t working with you :sweat_smile:

Understand. :smile:
So. when I click on the checkbox it marks, or, it is clicked.
But when I exit the app and enter it again, the checkbox is not checked, as if I hadn’t done anything.

I have applied a new simple logic with your block , so it even works, if you’ve duplicate checkbox text in different sections, it’s working for me good, i will send you the aia by pm: here is how it works:

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