Dynamic Components and Check Box

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In the image below, I used the Dynamic Components extension.
But I can’t place the checkbox component.

How to do this using dynamic component extension? If so, how should I do this?

Just create component with the name : “Checkbox”.maybe you need first to create a horizontal arrangement that will contain your Label and Checkbox

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I need to create a checkbox for each list, using TinyDB.

Put at the end of your procedure another Create method, with the component name = Checkbox.

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Thank you for your help. I did it that way. But see that the other items on the list are gone. :smile:

Because you used any image blocks to set Horizontal arrangement properties.

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Thank you very much for your help, friend. The checkboxes worked.
How do I now so that the check in the checkboxes is recorded in TinyDB?

Use when any checkbox changed event.
Something like:
when any checkbox changed {
add item to list ( tinydb.getvalue (hello,notfound) , item = ( get any label text , component = dynamiccomponents, id = (get component id = replace all (get c=id ( component), vv ,oo )

Here is how to make things a bit more simple: :sweat_smile:
1- in any checkbox changed event.
2- set my list to get value from tiny db, the tag will be your tag you store values in.
3- add item to my list, item =
4- in the item parameter , add get any label text block, label =
5- dynamicComponents . getComponent , ID =
6- replace all vv ( the text you’ve in your checkbox id ) with oo (the text you’ve in your label id
.you can try it your self :wink: Just follow those steps

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Thanks again. :hugs:
I will try to follow your great tip.
But I already say that I don’t know if I will make it. :grin: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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  1. It is showing the checkbox in the title (Free Book and Annual Book). But I would like that the checkbox shows only in the numbers below.

  2. in the blank space, from one book to the next, there is also a “check box”. I wish you didn’t show anything there.

  3. I really couldn’t get the checkboxes to be saved in TinyDB after the click.

.AIA (attachment)
AppLeitura.aia (384.9 KB)
AppLeitura.apk (5.5 MB)

Call another procedure for the title, which doesn’t contain checkbox.Or don’t create it dynamiclly.

I didn"t understand, I will check the all for this :wink:

Can you please show your block, it will be easier from importing the AIA and searching for the right block :blush:

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Now I understood, you can add an if then statement, if not is empty (the label text) , add the check box creating blocks inside

Add these
Also remember that it will require a logic to set the check boxes to the right values you got from tinydb:
On screen initialized:
1- set my list to get value from tinydb(hello,not found)

The very last block in your procedure:
Set any checkbox .checked to select list item. List = my list, index = number car.The value will be true

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Hi, @Mohamed_Tamer
Would it be too much to ask the Lord if you could show me this logic in the blocks? :hugs:

thanks in advance

Here you are, it isn’t that hard i think:

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I don’t know how to thank you for the help you have given me. I will now study this logic to learn how to do it. Thanks, friend. :fist_right:t3: :fist_left:t3:

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Hi, @Mohamed_Tamer
Is this block, marked in red, an extension?

No, add a check box in your app, set its visibility to false, know click any components block at the end of your component blocks at the side of the block editor, you will find any check box blocks :wink:

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Gave this error

you try to set checkbox property using any label blocks, change it to any check box blocks :wink:

Your id, gets the checkbox instead of the label.You should replace the checkbox id - with your label id,Also you should check the spelling of the checkbox id, because if it doesn’t exist, nothing will change.

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