Dynamic component list won't showed up

I’ve created a text box where the user able to add the item into list (using tiny db) but the item won’t showed up on my list. I’m sorry but im new to dynamic component. Hope you can help, thanks.

ICM661_IndividualAssignment_2021855508_Screen1.ais (12.7 KB)

global list is not needed, modify blocks like this

sorry I’ve changed it according to yours. But whenever I click add (add new item), it’s blank, no list appeared

ICM661_IndividualAssignment_2021855508.aia (107.2 KB)

first clear your tinydb after connecting with companion then retest it

Why do you change the event?

This is correct…(what i suggested)

This is you used in your aia…(wrong event you have taken)


Why this decoration block??
it will throw error upon every click, thats why i set it in screen init

Modified your logic
aBC.aia (107.5 KB)

thanks, it was a great help.

ok last question,

How to specifically choose tag when button click

Ah it’s okay, I’ve found the solution.
Thanks for helping btw, trully professional

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