How fix this problem in dynamic component?

Select list item: Attempt to get item number 6 of a list of length 5: (4285579362 4285579362 4285579362 4285579362 4285579362) :question:

Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

You have not shared the corresponding block for the error. Show us the whole. Download blocks as png and upload it

Also always try like this

You have tried number + common text but try woth common text + number

Your error says, the global variable Title is having only five items but the variable shown in the above screenshot is having 6 items . So make sure all variables are having equal length of items

Did you test this?

Can you show us global titles?

blocks (8)
blocks (7)
blocks (6)
blocks (5)
blocks (3)
blocks (2)

How to slov this problem

You didn’t show us global COLOR. Where do those numbers come from …?

4285579362 4285579362 4285579362 4285579362 4285579362

check this ais
YQ_2022_JWZJAN.ais (268.7 KB)

What are the extensions are using in this project

this extensions :point_down:

Instead of ais, send us sample aia with that screen alone

YQ_2022 (1).aia (2.6 MB)

Just add one more item to list

Secondly, this code is unnecessary as I can only see one color

Btw, is this always going to have length of 6, if not then you will have more issues


What is the solution?

Seriously are you kidding, how about reading the above post.

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Is the problem with the colors?