Select list item: Attempt to get item number 10 of a list of length 9:

hello, I have a problem on my block, I want to make a table of contents and it works but I can’t get my list from number 10 onwards, can you guys help me?
DynamicList.aia (227.1 KB)

DynamicList(1).aia (227.5 KB)

Pls try this… Totally 17 items are there and all are showing in the list

What you wanna try here?

totally 17 items only is there… and your starting element 10 and for every 10th element you are trying you wannt to take in 17th items… no way it is

The error was caused because list differs in lenght


Yes, also you are tying to set same color for all dynamic com then why do you use select list item list…?

so i edited like this and make it to work

Wow, you really helped, it worked so well, I’m so grateful to you guys

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I forgot to check it out, thanks for telling me

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Wow, this is working so well, thank you for helping.

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if it works, you can hit solution button to help others in future

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