How to fix this error? Select list item: Attempt to get item number 20 of a list of length 0:

I am getting an error while loading dynamic components. How to fix it?

Runtime error:
Select list item: Attempt to get item number 20 of a list of length 0:

It is due to the this block, I don’t know how and why. I have 220 Items in my list.

Your list is empty. Show us where you add items to it.

my list has 220 items. And all the items load properly, I dont know why I am getting this error.

Can you post a screenshot of the error so we know which list is causing it?

error screenshot

Debug each list with label. Please cross check ine by one. That will be the solution to you. Confirm from your end that you are getting texts from the web

I am getting text from CSV file

You are telling 220 but app says 20 elements in list. Please check that

I am loading components using clock timer, I dont know why I am getting this error again and again?

May be that could be the problem. Use spinning progress until all the global lists are stored with their respective value and then dismiss the progress bar

I have created a sample aia where I am getting this issue, can you have a look and tell me how to fix it, I have been trying this since a long time.

sampleaia.aia (305.0 KB)

In this I am using clock component, you can also try with card click method but then components will load again when card is clicked, and you will get unique ID error.

Could not replicate your error, works fine for me

The thing is, I am testing my app in different devices.
In one device I am not getting the error, in other device I am getting this error, I don’t know why!

Is there a way to hide such error, because the code is working fine for me, if by name case such errors occur, I want to hide it.

how can we do it?