Guys plz help me out

Guys please help me out to solving this problem…

What is the error means…??

Can you please show your code ?

Check your procedure you use to create dynamically list

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I don’t get ur point… Can you please elaborate

Plz help me @dora_paz

I only get the error from image component…why ??

Right click on procedure, download blocks as png and post it here

Block I just deleted before… Tomorrow I will post by re- creating the block

I just copy the block from here…

Part 2 Create custom listview with free dynamic component extension in Kodular Thunkable - YouTube @dora_paz

Sorry I can not help with out seeing the blocks that you use to create dynamic list, if you wish you can always post your aia

Can you please show all your blocks or share your aia file. The problem comes from an ID equal to “nothing”. Try looking for a place where you create a component and the id equals “nothing”.