In this error I just want to know that which component's id is already used by another component ? Please help me!

You are using dynamic components but unfortunately you have not set id properly or somewhere you have the changed the order

Show us what you have tried in the procedure, if you don’t mind. BTW you are using only one dy.comp or multiple?

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Multiple dynamic components

Second time while create you need to delete it or you have to use another dynamic component extension. BTW., In your procedure you have set , set id to get id +1, but that part should go first. And in the dynamic create in part you should use only get id … there you should not use get id +1.

Sorry, I didn’t get it.
Shadi_Broker_home_screen.ais (70.8 KB)

Here is the .ais of that screen. Please modify it for me.

Sorry, it says error while importing the screen…


You will need to import the extensions first used in that screen & then import the screen !!!

I got something else.
This error is showing only if the length of list (‘namelist’ in this case) is greater than 10

Have a try

Shadi_Broker (1).aia (518.6 KB)

try this one

Thats Great man,

Thankyou very much :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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