Error 1401 in dynamic component extension

I am seeing a error in my app as you can see in the image.

And one unknown. Cardview is created how to delete that as you can in the image

You can use

For each item in the list:call dyn comp used I’d
Call Dyna comp removd I’d : get item

Also horizontal/ verti allignmen must be in 1/2/3 you have used apart from this… show us how did you created the dynamic component


Yes. After using this, it means you are creating the dynamic component from the begining so try to use accordingly

I created it already

Test the above code and show us if any error found


Now Scroll handler cardview is not showing

By the way there are two horizontal arrangements first is in the extension name and second below where button is

Is there any way to solve this problem :worried:

Now error is not showing for this thanks but there two rows and only one is showing which colour gradient

See an example with 2 HA in a cardview. Use 1 for Left Alignment, 2 for center and 3 for right

@dora_paz @themaayur
This problem solved.
There were two problems occuring

Go to procedure that you use to create dynamic components , download blocks as png and upload them here.

Is the problem solved?:slightly_smiling_face:

minus (-) and plus (+) is not allowed with ID block…use simple and different like 1v and 1h , 1z etc

Try this example aia to see how it works

Stores.aia (208.2 KB)

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