Can any one help me why this is happening?

When i am clicking save its creating a cardview and with label in it with text, why is this error occurring?

But after closing and opening the app it disappears

Please help me to selve this problem

What about block

Added Please check

i have tried everything but cant understand what mistake i am making

what about looking if your Texts are all ok? I mean in the blocks. I had much trouble because i forgot one single letter sometimes. Aaaand, i cannot see your blocks properly to check myself


PS: it would be good if you post a pic of the designer, too. OR upload the .AIA file.

Please stop asking people for aia files. Their blocks and screenshots of the designer/ behaviour are usually enough.

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You can’t create new id which is already in use, so first you have to delete all id’s before re-creating new one’s

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but how can i do that? can you please help?

Actually there are two ways of doing it for your app

  1. that I said above
  2. increase from number, but you need to keep track of this one

Something like this

can you plase tell me how can i do this?


Place it before listitem

Thank you it really worked but one more thing for deleting a card view getting error, here is the b bock:

can you tell me what mistake i am doing?

Probably you have to delete Dynamic_Label2 ID as well

i have removed label 2, now only label one is there

after deleting 3 carview, when deleting the 4th cardview this error is showing

How do you control this one, since we are deleting by using it


So by using long click to delete you have to adapt that one as well

i have made some changes

Does it work

yes it works
just getting error while deleting

With long click