I am getting a error

Hey when I swipe up in my app’s screen to open navigation bar it shows a error.

Here is a screenshot -

this error is in your blocks not in your swipe up action.

Can you check my blocks please

sure, post it.

your image is not clear, try to collaps your procedure and download the blocks again.

your issue is in one of select list item block.

in which ??

in the one which deals with the data that your error message show’s, in the spreadsheet block.

you have more than select list item blocks, it is hard to tell from blocks image only.

@silver are you saying about select list item.
i am already ask a question about another error.
and they have suggested me to use this select list item
now if you are saying that the blocks are creating a new error .
Then, What i have to do.

please reply me

your error message is showing clearly that the error is from select list item block, you have to know how to use it, else you can post your aia file and say what you want to do and see if I or someone else can help, and can you give me a link for your other question?

i can’t share you my aia file but i can give you my ais file.
here is the -
horror_Screen3 (2).ais (18.4 KB)

i well take a look and get back to you.

okay, thanks for your help

I can’t import your screen to any project.

Your screen is broken

To begin with, you should use the correct block