Can anyone Develop period tracking app for girls or give me some suggestion how can we build it

Can we build an app for girls where they can track their period cycle with other features using kodular?

You could yes

yes we can do this but in order to make app run in background we have to use background extension so that app can work properly even when closed . And also i really liked your idea . We both can do it together and i will learn some new app development skills.

Can you text me personally so that we can discuss ?

How? Can you explain

Well, The user has to input there date, Then you can calculate the next date.You could put that in a little calender. If you mean that?

Yes actually it works in this way but how can we implement it in kodular.

I am not gonna write it 4 you, but you can use the textbox for the input then the date block with the math blocks to calculate the dates and store that data in tinydb so I wont get lost and also use BackgroundTasks Extension [PAID] << this extension to run the app in the background. You can also use pushnotification to notify

Genius idea, don’t forget the Arabic language

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It needs date picker, limited labels, even can use dynamic components, single screen alone will be enough. Tinydb. This will be enough


No tiny db is not enough we need background task extension so that if app is not opened for 2-3 days it will send automatic notification

I kinda said that already… But yes you need it

We can even save it to calender

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