Can i create design with picsart?

Hello people how are u ?
Can i create design with picsart and to put it on my app ? its a good option ?

Why not ? Also you can try canva

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thnx , im going to try canva but if not showing good design in the app how to fix it ? ;( and whats its the best size on canva to put it on my app ?

See an example of UI design to study (canva was used)

I think the Canva was used for the promotion (presentation poster) of the app and not in the app’s UI.
In app …were extensions, color palettes, icons. .

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As I am student who learning designing, if you want to create UI for your app, then you should use UIUX designing program, try Figma for free, or Adobe XD is good option too.

Also for good UI, why don’t you visit Dribbble or Behance? If you see many great designs, then you can design your own great design too.

I try figma but wen i screenshot my design on figma and i upload it on my app design its not showing very good :frowning: its not showing 3d like its on figma !

Thank very much for spending time to help me , but whats the best size on the canva to create design and to put it on my app ?

Hi, Which program u suggests me to create design ? :slight_smile: like UI/UX ?