Can I make this type of view in kodular

I want to make this type of view where circle in complete in given time .
Help & suggest…

use Lottie Animation, Lottie has lot of animations similar

Visit for awesome animations

I known lotttie
But I want to make that circle complete on 30sec,50sec,23sec etc

you can set animation speed and test how much time it takes,

Meanwhile i am searching something else for you, if i get anything similar then i will inform you

Maybe not what you wanted but this was the closest I could find


And a paid one

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This extension solve my problem.
But I can’t find download link

Scroll down on the page and you will find it

Btw, which of the links did you mean?

here is link

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Just a friendly reminder that there’s no need to use any extension for that.
You can build your own one with the DrawArc method in the Canvas.



It is also good at choice for me.
I think, I use both methods (draw arc & extension) for different different purposes.
Thanks to @Italo @ImranTariq and @Boban for helping me.


This can be a guide i guess, lots of people still don’t know this in my opinion. btw great job @Italo


You can do this with Canvas only

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