How to do circular countdown

How can I make a countdown like this in kodular?
thanks in advance
(I used this extension but I could not write on it
Circular Progress Extension (Preview) )

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Quite a few extensions and guides -
Circular Progress Extension (Preview)
Circular Progress Extension [PAID]
Circular slider procedure (without sprites)
How to Show Download Progress With Circular Progress | Guide


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This works in Kodular too. A little more work than an extension, but you have more control over the appearance. See the videos for demos.


I downloaded but there were 15 errors
and 5 warnings
blocks were missing

I tried it in app inventor and kodular

It may contain outdated blocks or label or components…

Try to modify it. If not look for someother look a like

Have you tried the app? Have you tried to use the procedure in your own project?
Those blocks with warnings are just lose blocks that I left there when I was making the app.

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