Can I sell extensions here?

I am learning extension development from one month with java and i have learnt a lot and now I want to earn as i need money. So I seen a lot of paid extensions here in community and i have a question that here for selling extensions in this community is there a special certificate needed or any approval by the staff?or here do we need to pay anything to admin?

Yes, you can. Be sure to set the category to Market/Sell.
And don’t do illegal thing like stealing others work.
Edit: You can consider this


Thanks a lot for answering my question!
And ya i wont do any illegal work :innocent:

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Post in #extensions category and add paid in title.
#marketplace is also for selling but for extension mostly dev. Do this.

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If you have more questions then search in community or ask here don’t create a new topic for each.

I saw your this topic.

Btw Welcome to Community


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Its better to post in #extensions and just put [Paid] in the title.

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