Can i upload videos

hi everrybody i am trying to upload a video fo 16mb it is not uploading help me

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please add some details here , where are you uploading and what error are you facing?


I was uploading a video(16 mb)but it is not uploading to the assets @ImranTariq

what error you are facing? ( i am not sure what is size limit for asset/assets)

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Why not upload your video to cloud and they just use webviewer to play it?


no i just want to use it as a intro video @Hossein

it gets uploaded after 30min but if i set it as the source it is not getting played

use any compressing tool or online compressing to compress size of video, or upload to youtube and use youtube player to play your intro,


Don’t use a video as intro. Intros are annoying enough just as static screens, even more if a video needs to play every time I open an app. Besides is not resource smart. It uses too much space.
Play it from the internet or play something really small (2 or 3 mb).


you can use to store videos and you cn easily then use it in you app

see here: Is there an answer to video unable to load (error 701)?
and here: Bugs in Kodular Eagle

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I already reported this bug on July.

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As per my experience, only app of 10 MB(total) can be made or exported from Kodular.
So it can’t directly upload it.
To upload video follow this steps;

  1. Create link of video to assets folder but do not upload the video.
  2. Export apk keeping size below 10 MB.
  3. Decode the apk.(Use “Apk Studio”, I suggest.)
  4. Copy video into assets folder.
  5. Build apk.
  6. Sign apk.
  7. Align apk.(Use “ApkSigner”, I suggest.)
  8. You are done.

Is there any video demonstrating this ?