Can i use multiple Rest Apis in single screen?

I am currently working on a App, where i am using single api. But i want to add more details. So other Apis providing data which i want to implement. But my problem is I am new with application building with lack of knowledge I can’t made it. Suggest me if anyone can!
Thank you… :pray::heart:

Yes you can.

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Thank you for being on responsive on this matter, Can you give me some block examples?
It may be really helpful.

I don’t think there is need for explanation through blocks.
You said that you know how to work with one api.So now do the same with others.


Same procedure will be okay? Or it will get error?
Initialize global api2 to+(textbox)
Initialize global Json2 to+(textbox)
Initialize global Url2 to+(textbox)
Initialize global Data to+(textbox)

Web to do>set web1 url to>join>get global url2
>get global data
>set web1 request headers to>make a list>make a list(textbox)

make a list(textbox)
Make a list(textbox)
get global api2
call web1 get

Or something else??

What not give a try?
The best method to learn is to learn from yourself.
Tip: use different web components


Thank you so much… i will try it!! :innocent:

You asked the same question here and you got the same answer. You’ve even marked one answer as a solution.
I don’t understand why you’re asking the same question twice.


Dear pepocero,
I am very sorry to heard that, as i mentioned i am new here. Without any guidelines i don’t what to do. I thought it’s just a facebook post, so i replied. I hope you may understand.
Thank you

Maybe this can help you…
JasonNews.aia (250.8 KB)

In a spinner you select the news source (an api) and you can see it in a cardview


Dear pepocero,
Thank you for your support :relaxed:. I am going to try to understand this aia by myself. If got any issues, i will tell you.
Thank you my friend