Can I use PayPal with api?

Can I use PayPal with API?

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Can you provide more context as to what you want to do?

If you look at the monetization section you will see some options.

For your app to be on Google Play you need to ensure all app billing goes through their service, and paypal can be used with them.

You can use PayPal Button link for transaction.

How do I put the PayPal Button link into the app? (Here’s a link to this: HTML Variables for PayPal Payments Standard - PayPal Developer)

I need it to give me confirmation that a user paid

Look, this is the matter of playing with PayPal. How? It’s a auto-confirmation type. Set up a PayPal Button. During set up you make it like after successful payment user redirects to some link. You will get it at Advanced section during setting up a button. That’s it. U just take link url from the PayPal Button and put it on Kodular Button Click Event.

NB: Check manually whether it’s working or not.

Yes but after the user pay the app should bring him something

Which means the application should get proof that the user paid

Like some kind of download link? Or page?

After the user pay. The application should add the user’s contribution to the list of contributors

Okay…then I must say u…u can use clock system to check current url (webviewer)…if it’s a payment to show a page only. But if download needed you might have to use external browser.

Thanks for this great idea!

But I need to know how much the user paid

When you setting up the button for a product u might be knowing the price, right? On successful transaction show that amount.

Else you can add a screen/section showing the amount they paid by using firebase.

Else you can send a custom receipt later, to the buyer.

Use your Logic

But the user chooses the price (the price is variable)

You must use PayPal extension…

Link: [PAID] new extension Paypal_Extension - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Thunkable Community

This does not comply with Google policy

Then I’m sorry my friend…I couldn’t help you.

Thanks anyway

Another method i found to be better. Create link. Here user can choose any amount, that’s what u needed.