Can not log in with Facebook

I can not login with Facebook Autentification, In previous versions there was no problem, Help me

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Hi my name is Nathan,

how can I help you today?

Some users in Brazil in our whatsapp group are also having the same problem.

I’m having problems getting into the kodular using my Facebook account. What should I do? Wait or to the bathroom?

I did not take it because of problems on Facebook account, apparently after I check: Facebook account is in a state without problems. So maybe this is the fault in the new version of Kodular

Thank you for expressing your concern to me. Take a look below for the appropriate solutions.

  • Issues with Firebase Authentication component

    • Please edit your topic and file it as a bug.
  • Issues with My Kodular (trying to signin to the Creator)

    • Wait patiently until the issues are fixed. Devs are trying to fix things as fast as possible.

It should be now fixed