I cannot log in to my kodular creator account

I cannot log in to my kodular creator account.
I tried to clear cookies, cache, try to login with different browser, different computer, different network (home and office) and resetting the password too but all what i did it does not work.

Sometime I try, it shows that either the popup is 400 Bad Request - HTTP, Sometime Show white screen when refresh it’s going to " Authentication failed Social authentication has failed, please try again using other method" Screen.

Please Help, Advance thanks…

The Server at down, Check this:

But it should be working now.
If not, clear the cache and try again.

Thanks Ded_Sec_00…,
I tried to clear cache and login again problem still the same. However I can login by other gmail but i really need my project inside first account I cannot login…

Do you have any idea?

Is it cause of problem?

It’s strange, cause Kodular Auth still online or cause I’m miss understand. please help.

Yeah I think so. I can’t Login to with Mail, Google Auth is working somewhat.

I can access to my account already!!
I have do nothing, just waiting and keep login…
However, Server status not change…

Thanks Ded_Sec_00

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